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Welcome to our website ! Yes, that's what FOODLINE offers; a highly specialised foods catering organisation. Backed by a lot of expertise, experience and related infrastructure to suit every cuisine catering. Plus an online SUPERMARKET which enables you to buy product range for your needs at concessional rates. 

Our menus are created from the choicest ingredients, cooked to perfection to your taste and style in keeping with the high quality control standards in well appointed most modern facilities.

Call us, and our dedicated, hand picked professionals will gather forces to give you the best in culinary industry ;be in Indian, Continental, or any other Cuisine of your choice and will explore every avenue at hand to satisfy your catering needs and service requirements.

Take a tour and let us know, what we can do to assist you in laying food and service tables of your choice and requirements. 

        You can also reach us by telephone or via mail

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134/136 Empire Royal Hotel building , Dr. D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001
Tel: 022 22051885, 022 22051886
Mob.: 9757421997, 9224121885